Read All About It: SL In Evo Magazine & Independent On Sunday

If you’ve visited before you’ll have read about Radical’s success in the 2012 Targa Britannia, held across three days in Yorkshire and the most difficult of weather conditions. Driver Richard Meaden and navigator Nathan Blewer had never competed in a Radical before but won the category after 411 miles of competition, the car only requiring routine maintenance.

As journalist for EVO magazine, Meaden has documented the trip for this month’s issue (October 2012) in a fantastic eight-page feature; pick up a copy of EVO from all good newsagents now to read all about the team’s exploits from a driver’s point-of-view.

The SR3 SL’s appearance at the Crystal Palace Sprint also made the headlines in the Independent on Sunday this month with John Simister praising the car’s slick gearchange and precise handling. ”…the steering’s speed and precision made sense, as the nose scythed into the turns as though the Radical were weightless, as the power poured on to the track and the tail nibbled at the edge of grip.

“Flick, flick, left, right, power, brake…what a buzz! Only the obsessive would attempt a daily commute in a Radical, but those in search of the most visceral of thrills need look no further,” added Simister.


SR3 SL at CarFest South

Radical will be supporting BBC Children In Need this weekend at CarFest South, held at Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire. Radical will be showcasing three of its five-strong range on the event’s hillclimb course, including the incredible SR3 SL.
Situated in area CC1-CC6 of the CarFest paddock, come and visit Radical’s race awning to find out more about the world’s first EC Type Approved road-legal sports-racing car.

Radical will be aiming for the outright course record with Radical UK Works Team driver Nick Padmore at the wheel alongside historic F1, Group C sportscars and many more. Alongside the SR3 SL the SR1 Cup car and SR8 RX will also feature.

Radical is selling t-shirts at the transporter all weekend for £5.00 each, all proceed are in aid of BBC Children In Need. In addition, sign-up for a Radical Trial Day at either CarFest South or North, and Radical will donate £100 to BBC Children In Need for each trial taken.

For more information on CarFest South click here.


New SR3 SL Website Launches

If you’ve made it this far, you’re already discovering the new features and benefits of the redesigned website.

Updated to reflect the growing global customer base of SR3 SL owners, the revised site brings together everything you need to know about Radical Sr3 SL ownership: from detailed specifications and options, to both current owners’ and press reviews. For the first time, the site also features useful downloads for the SR3 SL owner, including software.

Check back regularly for the latest news, reviews, video and images from the world of the Radical SR3 SL.


SR3 SL Scoops Targa Britannia Win

Radical’s SR3 SL demonstrator, in the hands of EVO journalist Richard Meaden and Mission Motorsport’s Nathan Blewer, won the 2012 Targa Britannia on Friday evening, after three days of competition in the most difficult of weather conditions.

Driving rain throughout the event meant all but four of the Targa’s 22 special stages and two races were well on a wet surface; despite this, and Richard’s limited seat time in the SR3 SL beforehand, the duo scored 11 fastest stage times, also winning the feature race at Croft against a strong field of Porsches and Ferraris.

Due to road time penalties, Meaden was forced to start from 14th on the grid for the race at Cadwell, despite this, he battled though the spray to finish fifth.

Based at Harrogate but travelling as far north as Raby Castle in County Durham, and as far south as Newark Showground in Nottinghamshire, the SR3 SL remained 100% reliable during the  411-mile enduro, only requiring refuelling and routine checks. You couldn’t ask for a tougher test of the SR3 SL’s road and track ability, but the car took all it all in its stride.


SR3 SL Gains Raving Reviews in The French Press

The SR3 SL has been making waves in the continental motoring press again, this time with established French motoring magazine Echappement.

Echappement took the SR3 SL on an extended test drive, though the mountains of Southern France and on-track at Le Castellet, testing all aspects of the SR3 SL’s road and circuit ability. Echappement journalist Louis Philippe de Fonseca described the SR3 SL as “…completely bonkers, the SR3 SL creates feelings and experiences that no other car could.

“The Radical SR3 SL is the most extreme machinery that Echappement has ever tested; it is impossible to find a more perfect sensation of driving with any other car.”

The car received a 10/10 score by Echappement, praising the race-derived design, incredible performance and slick-shifting paddleshift gearchange. Indeed, the only criticism they had, was that there weren’t more SLs on French roads already!


The Centre Of Attention On The Rallye De Paris

It takes something a bit special to catch the eye of a tourist when they’re staring across the Seine at the Eiffel Tower, but a brace of SR3 SLs parked in front of the Trocadero fountains undoubtedly does the trick. In fact these road legal Radicals swivel French heads faster than any other current supercar. We can say this authority because there were no less than 200 exotic machines flanking us as we formed up for the start of the 2012 Rallye Du Paris, and none were papped by a multitude of camera phones quite like the SLs.

The three car ‘team’ consisted of Radical’s marketing men Roger Green and Will Brown in the only UK entered car in the whole event, Frederic and Virginie Lucy in a black example and Cyril Perret in his orange SL with full race bodywork. However we immediately split up for the first part of the road run to Magny Cours to avoid bringing the whole of central Paris to a standstill. As it was we almost witnessed several shunts as numerous Parisians narrowly avoided falling off scooters and rear-ending the car in front as they stared at us rather than where they were going. We survived unscathed, and as well as being the centre of attention the SL proved perfectly adept at coping with the stop/traffic, the bumps and cobbles and the madness of the Périphérique.

But it’s the open road where the SL really begins to show its class, so we took in a few back roads to exploit the torque-rich punch of the 2.0-litre turbo engine before meeting up with the others once more at an Autoroute service station. Turns out they had been having as much fun as us, which was certainly no surprise to Cyril who has already racked up 6000 trouble free miles – of which two-thirds have been flat-out on track!

Speaking of which, after avoiding the Gendarme’s speed traps we rolled into Magny Cours for the first competitive part of the event – a regularity time-trial. You set a lap-time on your first flyer, then have to match it as closely as you can for next three tours. But first there was a 20-minute session to bed yourself in.

To be honest it was chaos out there. No real rules about overtaking effectively made it a free-for-all, and when you’re in the fastest road car out there it turns into something of a computer game. It’s a absolute hoot to weave your way past Ferrari’s, Porches, Lamborghini’s and brand new McLarens. Even a mighty Gumpert Apollo succumbed to the pace of the SL. Of course being so quick and constantly tripping over batches of supercars made consistency tricky, but we caused one hell of stir out there. Back in the paddock we were suddenly very popular with the other drivers who wanted to know more about the blurs of colour that had been zapping past them on track.

After a quick refuel for drivers and cars it was onto to Dijon, via a road rally navigational stage. And following a very pleasant event dinner and a night in Beaune we did it all again. Great weekend and the perfect event for the SL.